My c-section delivery

I know I have posted about home stuff in the past, but I wanted to share my csection delivery story with you as it just happened and is still fresh in my mind.

Right up until I reached 40 weeks in my pregnancy, I was told that I was a great candidate for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I was thrilled.

My first birth was rather traumatic with my going into labor for 20-ish hours before realizing at the hospital that my baby was transverse, meaning that his little rear was where his head should have been. When the midwife and doctors told me that I needed a csection, I started bawling. You mean all that labor I endured was for nothing? Not to mention, the pain of going through contractions had absolutely worn me out. This was NOT what I had thought my delivery was going to be. I had this vision of delivering as naturally as possible, I had even gone with midwives and was fully intending to give birth sans pain meds and had almost hired a doula. In fact, when prepping for the delivery, I completely skipped over all the information regarding cesareans because that was NOT going to be me. Well, God had other plans.

When they wheeled me into surgery for the first time, I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep on the operating table! and when they plopped my little bundle of joy (with full man hair!) on my chest, the tears would not stop streaming down my face. I was overwhelmed with fatigue and joy that after 28 hours of labor, the baby was finally here.

The recovery from a csection after going through labor is the WORST. You are so tired, your body is healing from major surgery, you have a brand-new baby to care for, and if you breast feed, there is that on top of everything. With my first one, my brain was so fuzzy, I couldn’t think for 6 weeks straight.

Sooo, when they told me at my 40-week appointment that I was to have another csection, I was devastated yet again. Flashbacks of being absolutely and utterly exhausted and in excruciating pain filled my head. I was thinking, “you told me this whole time I could have a chance at a normal delivery, and now? Now I have to go through that again???” I started crying and was trying to hold the tears back so I could schedule the surgery and take care of things. At 40 weeks pregnant my cervix was not cooperating, the baby had not dropped, and I didn’t have much fluid left, so the safest option was to take the baby via csection rather than risk my uterus rupturing.

On the way back from the appointment, I called my husband in tears. How could this happen again? We both cried that day, and I knew I would at least need a day to adjust to this so I could appreciate what was going to happen. We were going to have a beautiful baby at the end of this procedure. And with much prayer from so many people, the Lord allowed us to have a safe delivery and a beautiful baby boy!


Bringing Spring into your home on a budget

Spring finally came and we here in the South must snatch it before it melts into Summer. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, not too hot not too cold, or you could get hot and cold in the same day! When I think of Spring, I think of the smell of clover and sunny grass. I think of pink lemonade and deviled eggs. I think of floral blouses and sandals. I think of that playful breeze that gently caresses your hair. And of course, I think of beautiful, fresh flowers. And I love decorating a space with cheerful flowers and bright greenery.

However, since we have a pretty tight budget these days, with Nate being in school and Isaiah turning one and another one on the way, there’s not much left over for things like fresh flowers! But too be honest, there is often so much available that’s free or very inexpensive.

Here I picked some wildflowers that were growing in our yard (gotta love that Spring rain!) and placed them in a newly acquired thrift store vase. I think the vase is perfect for these tiny, delicate buds. The vase is paper-thin and looks like it was hand blown because there are teeny tiny bubbles near the top. I love the extra pop of color these flowers give from what would normally be considered pesky weeds.

Here is a close up of the delicate buds. I love how much they feel like Spring.

I also spruced up the corner of our living room with some tree branches from behind our yard. Nate always so kindly obliges me when I ask him to get me a branch. He usually ends up getting me a huge branch which I then hack into smaller, more manageable branches to fill various vases around the house.

And there you have it. Freshening up your space doesn’t have to cost much if any money. (The no-money part is my favorite.)

Let me know what you think! Or if you have ever used wildflowers or tree branches to decorate a space.


Little Blue Paint Brush

Welcome! My name is Hannah and I just want to show you some before and after pictures of the house we recently redid. Needless to say we were on a very tight budget, but it is possible to completely re-haul your kitchen (including appliances for less than $1000). If you like it and want to see more, let me know by subscribing to my blog. Thank you!

kitchen before renovations

And this is the kitchen after:



My amazing husband put these shelves together. They are made from 100 year-old floor planks.



Nate (husband) also made the counter top. It is made of concrete and a special counter-top epoxy that is food-safe. I absolutely love it!


The Nursery

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted. There has been a lot of life recently! Yesterday actually marked my son’s seven-month birthday. Being a mom has been exhausting, but so worth it. I love being a mom! On that note, here is my baby’s nursery.

The shelves are made from reclaimed schoolhouse bead board that my amazing hubby fashioned into these cute little shelves.

The frames in the nursery were fashioned again my awesome husband and actually were very simple to assemble. We used one inch-pine boards two feet by three feet in length and we stapled the images to the backs of the frames. I bought the pictures on Etsy and then when Walgreens had one of their photo sales, I ordered giant prints for a fifth of the regular price.

Also the crib was given to me by my sister-in-law and when we got it, the wood was a light-brown color. Nate (my amazing husband) burnt the wood to create the rich brown color that you see. The crib skirt is actually some drop cloth that I cut and clothes-pinned to the springs.

Again, I have to brag on my husband for being so willing to go along with my sometimes crazy ideas. The chair that you see was actually purchased at Miracle Hill for $20 and was a floral pattern (I’ll write about the chair in another post), but some on-sale JoAnne’s fabric and about a day of work later, you have the following cool chair later.

i just had to throw in a few pictures of the Little Man too…

Ghs ghb

My Rustic Christmas


For this Christmas, I had to be a little creative as far as the budget was concerned (as I’m sure I’m not the only one).  A lot of the “decorations” are actually made of plants: pine branches, cedar branches, holly cuttings, and Nandina berries. Thankfully, we live out in the country, so obtaining said branches was pretty easy.


The star in the middle is a paper star that I picked up years ago at their after Christmas sale at TJ Maxx and I love it so much! I had high ambitions to make a wreath this year, but that didn’t happen and the frame was accenting this giant empty space, so, I grabbed the star and voila! in thirty seconds I had a happy Christmas decoration.

In the corner near the books, you can see an old-fashioned jug that my husband has had for forever (no idea where it came from) and it’s perfect for displaying my seasonal foliage. When we picked up our Christmas tree (back before Thanksgiving… cough… cough… I love Christmas, so it’s never too early for me to get Christmas decorations started), we asked for the branches and I stuck one in the jug and it actually has stayed green for almost 6 weeks now! I love free Christmas decorations.



This is our Christmas tree! (bear with me on the terrible lighting, I was having a hard time when I took these pictures) Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend a lot on the decorations for a few reasons: I had picked up the glass ornaments and the sparkly snowflakes on a 90% Christmas sale about three years ago and they are so versatile, I use them every year for just about every theme. I did make the white ornaments you see out of air-dry clay. It was super easy to make and took about 30 minutes total (not including dry time–which you can speed up by placing them in the oven for about an hour on a low temperature).

I also grabbed some extra Nandina berries from our walk through the country/woods/along the road and placed them in the tree for some extra pop of color. I did splurge on the ribbon at TJ Maxx, paying about 7 bucks for a large roll of it, and I did buy $12 worth of wrapping paper so it would coordinate with my rustic natural Christmas theme.



I think the table is my favorite part of the Christmas decorations. For one thing, my brother-in-law made me these pine chargers for my Christmas present, and they couldn’t have been more perfect. I also love the centerpiece for two reasons: it was free and it is beautiful. The Centerpiece (as shown in the other picture below) is simply several long pine branches and a few cuttings of Nandina berries tied together with a twisty tie.

The napkins that you see are made of drop cloth (no sewing involved, just cutting and fraying the edges in the washing machine). I tied them together with twine and garnished the center of the napkin with cedar branches.fullsizeoutput_401

I love food, so of course I have to show you a picture of our Christmas breakfast! It was super easy to make because I don’t have time or energy to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. The cinnamon rolls are my favorite because the dough is croissant dough (from the tube) and the filling is so simple you will have yummy cinnamon rolls in the oven before the coffee is even done brewing. I won’t even pretend that the rolls are healthy, because it is no where near healthy. It’s Christmas though, so no counting calories for me! The filling is 1/2 cup of melted butter, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of white sugar, and one teaspoon ground cinnamon. Spread the mixture across your sheet of croissant dough, roll it up the dough, cut it into 8 pieces, place it in a pie or cake pan, and bake for 14 minutes on 350 degrees Fahrenheit or until lightly browned, and tada! you have delicious, stress-free, amazing cinnamon rolls!


Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing New Years!

The Living Room: Before and After

The living room before renovations:

Dining room before renovations

(We called the giant fan in the middle of the room the June bug as it resembles that awkward insect.) The paint was another story altogether. The previous owners had painted the walls with oil-based, gloopy paint that dripped everywhere! We had to sand and patch and sand and patch for what seemed like forever to smooth it out.

The living room after!


You may notice that the fan is gone! We actually used a fan from another room that was white and spray painted it black. Instead of shelling out a minimum of $50 for a new fan, $5 in spray paint solved the problem.

The rug is from Ikea and is huge, it was around $100–which may sound like a lot for a rug, but I searched forever to find a rug that wasn’t buckets of money and Ikea ended up being the place to find this giant jute rug. The enormous mirror behind the couch actually came from Nate’s work. He was working an electrical job at the time and sometimes when companies are remodeling, they will throw out all kinds of stuff.





The piano: we actually picked up this piano at a thrift store for about $30 (it was a hassle to bring it home, but Nate in his handy truck finagled it in and out of his truck with the help of a friend of ours). The piano was a nasty cherry-color that was blotchy because of nicotine stains, so I mixed some left-over paint we had lying around the house and voila this color came to be (I was aiming for a more gray tone, but hey! I ended up liking the outcome).

The wreath I made with some leftover burlap and a $1 foam ring (from the Dollar Store). I wrapped the ring in burlap and placed the Magnolia leaves in until it looked somewhat full. The process was actually a whole lot easier than I thought it would be and for $1 and some change, you could have a $30 wreath.

The frame came from the thrift store as well, it was $15. The frame was black, but with my handy-dandy can of copper spray paint transformed it into something that feels more cozy.


And voila! there is the transformation.


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