Little Blue Paint Brush

Welcome! My name is Hannah and I just want to show you some before and after pictures of the house we recently redid. Needless to say we were on a very tight budget, but it is possible to completely re-haul your kitchen (including appliances for less than $1000). If you like it and want to see more, let me know by subscribing to my blog. Thank you!

kitchen before renovations

And this is the kitchen after:



My amazing husband put these shelves together. They are made from 100 year-old floor planks.



Nate (husband) also made the counter top. It is made of concrete and a special counter-top epoxy that is food-safe. I absolutely love it!


The Living Room: Before and After

The living room before renovations:

Dining room before renovations

(We called the giant fan in the middle of the room the June bug as it resembles that awkward insect.) The paint was another story altogether. The previous owners had painted the walls with oil-based, gloopy paint that dripped everywhere! We had to sand and patch and sand and patch for what seemed like forever to smooth it out.

The living room after!


You may notice that the fan is gone! We actually used a fan from another room that was white and spray painted it black. Instead of shelling out a minimum of $50 for a new fan, $5 in spray paint solved the problem.

The rug is from Ikea and is huge, it was around $100–which may sound like a lot for a rug, but I searched forever to find a rug that wasn’t buckets of money and Ikea ended up being the place to find this giant jute rug. The enormous mirror behind the couch actually came from Nate’s work. He was working an electrical job at the time and sometimes when companies are remodeling, they will throw out all kinds of stuff.





The piano: we actually picked up this piano at a thrift store for about $30 (it was a hassle to bring it home, but Nate in his handy truck finagled it in and out of his truck with the help of a friend of ours). The piano was a nasty cherry-color that was blotchy because of nicotine stains, so I mixed some left-over paint we had lying around the house and voila this color came to be (I was aiming for a more gray tone, but hey! I ended up liking the outcome).

The wreath I made with some leftover burlap and a $1 foam ring (from the Dollar Store). I wrapped the ring in burlap and placed the Magnolia leaves in until it looked somewhat full. The process was actually a whole lot easier than I thought it would be and for $1 and some change, you could have a $30 wreath.

The frame came from the thrift store as well, it was $15. The frame was black, but with my handy-dandy can of copper spray paint transformed it into something that feels more cozy.


And voila! there is the transformation.